We are experts in Life Settlements and, as a licensed Broker, are fiduciaries to our clients: Policyholders and their agents and advisors.

The purchase and sale of a life insurance policy in the secondary market is referred to as a Life Settlement (or under certain circumstances, a Viatical Settlement.) This transaction is the proverbial win-win between the Policyholder and the Investment Fund that buys the policy. Conversely, it’s the life insurance company that issued the policy that stands to lose out from a completed transaction.

We’ve acted in the role of Life Settlement Broker since 2003. We also established our own successful investment fund (Rhinebeck Fund, LLC) in 2011, and continue today to manage the Fund on behalf of qualified investors (ourselves included.) So, while we wear different hats in this arena and our expertise as Fund Manager is transferable to our excellence as a Life Settlement Broker, we never wear these two hats at the same time (i.e. for the same policy, which would be an unethical conflict of interest.)

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How do we distinguish ourselves? ….with Integrity.